RFS Fire and Building Compliance



RFS Fire & Building Compliance technicians have been installing, testing and maintaining emergency lighting for over 20 years.  They will ensure that in the event of an evacuation, your emergency lights and signs will assist in guiding your building’s occupants safely to the nearest exit.


Building code regulations require all commercial, industrial and institutional facilities to have appropriate exits.  These exits must be marked with clearly visible signs which are well maintained.

RFS Fire & Building Compliance can advise you on what your building requires to ensure it meets compliance standards.  We have a full range of signage available, including:

  • Evacuation Scheme Signage
  • Fire Action Signage
  • Fire Extinguisher Signage
  • Fire Evacuation Signage
  • Exit Signage
  • Fire Warden Blazons


RFS Fire and Building Compliance

RFS Fire & Building Compliance

37 Wilson Street, Wanganui

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