RFS Fire and Building Compliance



RFS Fire & Building Compliance technicians design and implement NZ Fire Service approved evacuation schemes, and are here to answer your questions, liaise with the fire service, and deal with the red tape on your behalf.


Evacuation Schemes & Training

RFS offers full fire warden and evacuation training to ensure that your staff know what to do in the event of an evacuation of your building. We supply relevant signage, warden jerkins and copies of evacuation procedures.

Hand Held Fire Equipment Training

Fire extinguisher training can be carried out at our offices or on site to teach your staff the correct handling and use of extinguishers.  This training takes into account life safety practices, recognition of specific types of fire, and the the proper use of fire extinguishers, hydrants, and hose reels.

RFS Fire and Building Compliance

RFS Fire & Building Compliance

37 Wilson Street, Wanganui

Phone: (06) 345 0982

Email: [email protected]

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